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Zong is a Telecom Communication Corporation. CMPak Limited, branded and doing Bussiness as Zong 4G, is a Pakistani mobile data network operator owned by Chinese government-owned company China Mobile.

Zong also Provide 4G internet services for long time to their coustmers. They provides a large no of 4G internet packages for long time. They have a large no of users who trust Zong and get a good package from them. They offer large no of 4G

internet packages in decent rates. They Allow use 4G services for a long time by paying once

Zong Internet  4G Packages
Zong Internet 4G Packages

Zong Internet 4G Packages

Rs. 1,50030GB1 Month
Rs. 2,00050GB1 Month
Rs. 2,50075GB + 25GB (4:00 AM to 4:00 PM ), Validity 30 Days1 Month
Rs. 3,250100GB + 75GB (4:00 AM to 4:00 PM ), Validity 30 Days1 Month
Rs. 5,50050GB/Month1 Month
Rs. 12,00075GB + 25GB (4am – 4pm)/Month6 Months
Rs. 22,00075GB + 25GB (4am – 4pm)/Month12 Months
Rs. 4505GB/Month Add on
As per Bundle
Rs. 2301GB/Day from 01:00am to 09:00am1 Month

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Zong Packages

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