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Zong is a Telecom Communication Corporation. CMPak Limited, branded and doing Bussiness as Zong 4G, is a Pakistani mobile data network operator owned by Chinese government-owned company China Mobile.

Make a call through Zong.  Zong Is working all over Pakistan & provides a large no of daily, weekly and monthly prepaid call packages. They have a large no of users who trust Zong and get a good package from them. They offer large no of call packages in decent rates. Zong always believes in a new dream of their customers. They always believe to make new connections. Make a call to make a connection.


Zong Prepaid Call Packages

Zong  Prepaid  Call Packages
Zong Prepaid Call Packages
Package NamePriceCodeDurationOff-Net MinsOn-Net MinsSMSData (MBs)Deactivation code
Super Student OfferRs 5*5555#2 hours-Unlimited-30MBs-
Daily Shaandar OfferRs 12*999#24 hours-Unlimited80050MBs-
Daily Unlimited OfferRs 12*522#1 Day till midnight-Unlimited---
Hello OfferRs 12*2200*1#1 Day-15015050MBsType “unsub” and send it to 4952
Flutter OfferRs 12*369#1 Day-120120030MBsType “unsub” and send it to 369
Full Gup OfferRs 5*118*1#1 Day-7510030MBsType “unsub and send it to 1181
SixerRs 8*666#1 Day till 6 Am-Unlimited5001 MBType Unsub and send it to 666111
Non-Stop Offer10 Rs+tax*777#1 DayUnlimitedUnlimited-1 MBType “unsub” and send it to 7141
Shaandar Haftawaar OfferRs 75*7#7 Day5010001000350 MBsDial *6464# and follow the instructions
All-in-One Weekly OfferRs 150*6464# And follow instructions7 Day40700700700 MBsDial *6464# and follow the instructions
Weekly Unlimited OfferRs 63Type PK7 and send on 5227 Day-Unlimited-MBsDial *6464# and follow the instructions
Hello 7 Days OfferRs 45*2200*1#7 Day-100100/day1 MBsAutomatically expires after 7 days
Haftawaar Load OfferRs 180*70#7 Day75150015001500 MBsAutomatically expires after 7 days
Supreme OfferRs 799*3030#30 days300400040004000 MBs + 4GB WhatsapType “unsub 750” and send it to 6464
Monthly Unlimited OfferRs 255Type PK30 and send on 656530 days-Unlimited--Type “unsub” and send it to 522
Shandaar Mahana OfferRs 300*1000#30 days100100010001000 MBsType “unsub Mahana” and send it to 7091
All-in-One Monthly 500Rs 500*6464# And follow instructions30 days15020002002000 MBs + 2 GB whatsappDial *6464#, press 4, press 2 and select 3
All-in-On Monthly 599Rs 599Type home1 and send on 656530 days-Unlimited500/Day2 GBDial *6464#, Press 4, press 2 and select 3
All-in-One monthly 799Rs 799Type home2 and send on 656530 days-Unlimited500/Day4 GBDial *6464# and follow the instructions
Supreme Plus NewRs 1299*1500#30 days6001000010000100 MBs + 4GB WhatsappDial *6464# and follow the instructions
Hello Monthly BundleRs 170*6464#30 days-100/Day100/Day1Dial *6464# and follow the instructions
Starter (Monthly Power Pack 500)500 Rs + tax*1313# and follow on screen instructions30 days5010001000250-
Value (Monthly Power Pack 1000)1000 Rs + tax*1313# and follow on screen instructions30 days150200015005000-
Gold (3 Months Power Pack 1500)1500 Rs + tax*1313# and follow on screen instructions90 days200800030008000-

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Zong Packages

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